How do I file a complaint or claim regarding a damaged or defected product?


Sometimes the unthinkable happens! A garment breaks or has a production flaw. If this happens, please file a complaint with us as described below.

Filing a complaint concerning a used garment

Register your complaint by answering some questions and by providing a photo clearly showing the problem you have with the product It will only take a minute or two.

If you purchased the product via our webshop, please submit your order number. If you don’t have the number, you can still register your complaint.

Once we have received your claim, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, normally within 2-5 working days. During busy times such as launches, campaigns etc., it may take up to 14 days before we reply. 

Filing a complaint concerning a new, unused product or a product, that has been damaged during transport

Follow the instructions for returning an item. Check the box “defect” on the delivery return slip. Please provide information on the delivery return slip, that your return concerns a complaint. Make a return by using the provided return label. If you want a replacement product all you have to do is place a new order in our webshop. As soon as we receive the returned product, we will accredit your order. 

Your rights when a product is damaged or broken

You may file a complaint about any fault or defect that you find on a purchased product. The seller is, however, only liable if the defect was present when you received the product. A product defect may not be visible or apparent from the beginning. That means that a problem that occurs after a while may still be classed as a defect. On the other hand, the seller is not liable for a problem or defect due to lack of care, accidents, misuse or similar. 

Defects that appear within six months of delivery are presumed to have been present at the time of delivery, unless otherwise can be proved. If the defect becomes apparent after six months the customer must provide proof that the defect was there from the start. 

If it turns out to be a production defect you may have the right to:

-          have the product repaired at no cost to you

-          get a replacement product

-          get a partial refund

-          have the purchase invalidated

-          hold your payment

Please consider the following

It is of utmost importance that you contact the seller as soon as a defect has been discovered. A complaint made within 2 months after it has been detected is always deemed to be within reason.

Submit your claim or complaint in writing, for example via email. Keep a copy of the complaint so that you can provide proof thereof. The seller must be given the opportunity to mend or repair the product.