What do you mean by clever features?


Clever products making outdoor life easier

Everyone who works at Uhip is active in either a horse, dog or general outdoor way of life. All products are direct results of our own needs and experiences. In design aspects as well as functionality and materials. All garments have been designed with clever and practical details making your riding experience all the more enjoyable. Carefully chosen materials and thoroughly tested functions and features keep you warm and fashionable, all day, every day!

Extendable sleeves

Most of our tops and jackets have extendable sleeves which have become a signature Uhip feature. Openings for thumbs and little fingers give freedom of movement while keeping your hands nice and warm. The design has been developed especially for activities where thin gloves are necessary, like for example riding, cycling and playing golf. With our garments, you can perform at your best, without frozen fingers as a result. 

Roomy hood

All jackets and coats are designed with a large hood that will go on top of your helmet when the weather is harsh. If you prefer a simple collar the hood can be detached easily since it’s fastened with buttons. 

Two-way zips, high slits and elastic straps around your legs

Two-way zips at the front, a high slit at the back with either a zip or buttons along with elastic straps to keep a coat in place around your leg when riding are all part of our unbeatable concept to improve your outdoor experience. 

Two-way zip

The two-way zip at the front gives you the flexibility to adjust your freedom of movement according to your needs. Open the zip from the bottom when sitting in the saddle or riding a bike.

The high slit at the back, using either zip or buttons

At the back, the Uhip coats and skirts have a high slit with buttons or a zip. This way you can adjust the garment depending on your needs in any given situation.

Elastic straps to ensure the garment stays in place

On the inside of all our coats and skirts, there are elastic straps that can be fastened around your legs in order for the garment to stay in place during activity. You can wear the garments on horseback and your thighs and legs will stay warm at all times. 

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